K4Connect Innovates AI-Powered Senior Care

It’s never been easy to operate senior living facilities, which are highly regulated at the national, state, and local levels. Keeping current with the mesh of rules, best practices, and laws as well as continually training workforces with higher than usual turnover, has always been a challenge.

COVID-19 brings new concerns and an avalanche of new information for caregivers to learn and apply. As fast as scientists and medical professionals learn about this new health crisis, the advice and guidance changes, making it ever more difficult to ensure every caregiver at every facility is up to date.

K4Connect is a leading provider of innovative technologies working to transform the senior living industry. Their solutions are used at over 800 facilities and their mission-driven management team was determined to help caregivers deal with the onslaught of COVID-related information in a way that puts caregiver needs first.

K4Connect chose Pryon to develop Staff Assist, an AI assistant that enables caregivers to naturally ask questions and receive answers from deep inside lengthy and complex documents. With Pryon and the automated features of Pryon Answers, K4Connect developed and began testing its beta solution in just days instead of months, and at a lower cost since there was no need to hire teams of AI experts and data specialists.

Best of all, each facility can update their AI model (with the rules and advice that apply in their area and to their company) by simply uploading new documents into Pryon Answers.