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Some information is too important to leave to chance. So when lives are on the line and liability risk is high, companies turn to Pryon to make sure their employees receive accurate, useful, and just-in-time answers.

K4Connect Case study

Safety, Regulatory, and Policy Information

In the new normal, the rules are changing faster than old systems can accommodate. Questions that seemed ridiculous: “Am I allowed in the office?”, “Can I access a customer’s personal banking information from my kitchen?”,  “Can I take a company monitor home?” are perfectly reasonable today – and the answers to these questions are still evolving.

The Enterprise Assistant: Authoritative, Up-to-Date Answers

Pryon offers a new way to make sure employees get the answers they need when and where they need including on browsers, mobile apps, and collaboration platforms. Answers are updated by moving documents in and out of Pryon, so only the most recent and accurate answers are shown.


As long as customers, partners, and employees stick to the script, chatbots are great. But the minute a question isn’t anticipated or scripted they don’t know what to do. It turns out most chatbots aren’t great at improvisation.

With Pryon they can be.

Extending Chatbots with Pryon

Pryon produces output for chatbots to deliver in a different way – by searching through documents (text, pdfs, presentations, etc) that you simply drop into a folder –  and pulling an answer out.

With Pryon your chatbot is always current. And if you have more information, just add it to update your chatbot in real time.

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Contact Center

Get more from your existing Knowledge Base – or Rapidly Deploy a new Knowledge Base with Pryon

Eliminate Customer On-Hold Research

Just a few callers waiting a little too long can do real damage to key metrics. Cut research time dramatically by adding Pryon to all your knowledge bases and resource repositories. Leave everything where it is, but let Pryon combine it into a powerful “needle in a haystack” search that shaves minutes off each difficult call.

Are Your Service and Support Agents Working from Home?

Pryon offers a sleek way to create a new knowledge base for a distributed support workforce. With Pryon, there is no need to organize content into case stories or to anticipate what will be needed from existing contact records, policy and product documents and other information.

Pryon combines it all into an AI model that supports your agents by bringing them answers in context with links to sources – not a stack of reading material.  This model can be updated at any time by refreshing documents, adding documents or removing them. No special skills are required.

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Expand what RPA Can Do with Pryon

Now that a lot of the low hanging fruit has been picked — automating processes that move data from place to place for instance — it’s time to automate a new set of processes that currently take human attention, but not human judgment.

Still using People to Read eMail?

Have you automated everything except sorting incoming email requests? Now you can automate that too, with Pryon.

Let AI Read your eMail

Pryon can read your emails and route them to the right process (or processes) because Pryon AI can read and understand and does not depend on the use of specific words.  Pryon can also bring this same level of heightened intelligence to other reading tasks associated with RPA – reviewing resumes for instance.

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Using search at work is gambling with your time. We spend about 13% of our work day looking for information and search is only successful about half the time. There are so many things that can go wrong – documents that look promising in the results list, but don’t actually exist or don’t contain the right information, documents we suspect are out of date and incomplete, and so on.


Search with Pryon

To conventional search techniques, Pryon adds semantic search – an AI capability that reads and comprehends. Not only does Pryon allow search to better understand what you are asking for, it can find the information you need by quickly reading all the documents rather than relying on titles and metadata. Here’s the best part, Pryon doesn’t give you a list of documents to open and read, it brings back answers from inside the document with a link to the exact spot.

Regular Search 

  1. Ask a question using the right key word (may require a few tries and different word combinations yield different results)
  2. Scan the list of results
  3. Choose a document
  4. Open the document and application if needed
  5. Read or search again to find the answer

Pryon Search:

  1. Ask – no need to match key words
  2. Get actual answers
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